Why “How Cool Is That?”

I confess. I am addicted to learning new stuff.  I will read any magazine, regardless of subject or my  level of expertise in it, with the sole purpose of extending my background knowledge.  I mean, regardless of where I am, I am drawn to the magazine with the most unfamiliar information in it.  I can’t help it… it is.. my addiction.

As any educator can tell you, reaching the semi-motivated (probably ADHD person)…the magazine article has a very small window in which to ‘hook’ me into reading it. (Sound familiar?)  Get me hooked and I am in it for the long haul.  If the writer is successful, I am prone to saying, how cool is that?  Then, I immediately want to tell someone because what good is learning something really cool and not sharing it?

Well, that at least, is my theory…  I’ve learned I’m a pretty smart cookie, (not that you could have convinced me of that when I was driving my teachers crazy…)   but sometimes… learning something really cool is just… so cool!

So, that’s my mission.  To share some really cool stuff I’ve learned and stuff that I think just might help someone else.  I confess I don’t think anything I write will change the course of history, but I do hope that I just might make a connection that gets you to say… how cool is that?

Thanks for reading!


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