Edmodo and the PaRCC Assessments

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been taking some online Educational Technology classes.  I’ve learned alot about things I didn’t know, which is usually something I really enjoy.  But the history of online learning?  (Yawn…)  Not so cool.

But I did attend a workshop yesterday at the FEA Conference Center in Monroe Township, NJ.  It was sponsored by NJASCD and given by a great guy name Billy Krakower.  Great guy!  Billy teaches 4th grade and special education.  Gotta love a guy who teaches special education… 🙂  Anyway,  Billy’s program demonstrated how he is using the site Edmodo to teach his 4th graders, who have pretty tiny hands, how to use the computer keyboard so they can get ready to take the PaRCC assessments. ( How Cool Is That?) As you may know, they are on computers and navigating the keyboard is a test relevant skill to demonstrating their knowledge.

I’ve attached his presentation to this posting so you can can take a look at it.  I think it has a great deal to teach us about using free (!) online classroom management tools that can ultimately take us to an almost paperless environment.  Take a look at it and if you have any questions, let me know.


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