Splitting PDFs

I don’t know about any one else, but sometimes I want my documents to be part of a set, as in multiple pages, and sometimes I want to use only one page.

I’m currently a high school ICS teacher and frequently make documents outlining the steps to perform a specific mathematical process.  In my head, putting them together, particularly by unit, is a logical step.  But sometimes, I only want one of those pages.  Well, this is a great FREE site  http://www.splitpdf.com/.  It will split your multi-page pdf into separate pdfs for printing, sending, and posting individually.

I just used it to separate this page from 5 or 6 associated but currently unneeded pages.  It worked like a charm and it was FREE!

Check it out!  How Cool Is That?


PS. Just a note… The site has an ad on it, but I used the FREE splitter in the center of the webpage.  It worked great for me.




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