I’ve heard it said that our life’s road isn’t always the one we choose.  That the road we walk may be related to our choices, but that our choices don’t always guarantee we will reach our intended destination.

So it is the lesson I am learning each day.

When I sat down to write my blog post about the Most Amazing Lesson, my Twitter feed was open and I read that a very capable and well deserving colleague had been hired in a district with a prominent and progressive-minded district leader.  In truth, one in which I would have truly enjoyed working.

I couldn’t help but feel the pangs of envy as I read the quick post.

I wanted so badly to have the opportunities afforded to those people whose success was being posted  the feeds I follow.  I know many of these people from one of the committees on which I serve.  I have watched them as they have been offered opportunities I have not.  I have sat and listened as they talked of things to which educators listen.  I, too, have learned many things from them.

But, in truth, though I look at the celebratory pictures and wish that I, too, was celebrating a similar success, it’s not where my road has taken me.

So I walk forward everyday, still the lifelong learner I have always been, waiting for my next road to rise up in front of me.  I know that I am still looking for it, but that will be different for me than for them.  When your Siri’s life-voice says, “Rerouting”, it’s hard to get to those destinations that need the more direct route.

And so… while I am ‘rerouting’, I celebrate my colleagues successes and wait for my road to appear.

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