Goal oriented…

I know that being ‘goal oriented’ has become a catch phrase.  I don’t think I need to press that point for you.  As I write, I am reflecting on a post by @disruptEDtv about an interview with Jay Billy where the post describes his out-of-the-box interviewing strategies for new teacher hires.  I don’t think I’ve ever, in all my  working years, had anyone ask me:  what personal goals have you set, planned for and implemented? What went wrong and how did you adjust?

This morning I am reflecting on a life of goal setting.  For example, for more years than I can remember, I have promised myself that once my children were grown (they are: I have 8 grandchildren…), my student loans were paid off (I have about 18 months to go until I’m graduate-school-debt-free), I would join a (serious) gym and spend time getting physically fit and run my first 10k.

Yesterday, I went to my first workout at The LIft Gym.

As I write, it doesn’t seem all that impressive.  But, as a 25 year teaching veteran who sees challenges, physical as well as mental, as the way to keep my brain working at its max, checking off another goal (that some might call a bucket-list item), generates new (and some pretty crazy) ideas.

I just refuse to lie down, go home, and stop fighting the good fight. There is still so much work to do.  #KidsDeserveIt

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