Hello to all of you patient followers! I have recently been in contact with a previous collaborator and have discovered that my 30-some-odd podcasts need to be moved and rebranded.  And so I will use this venue as the new landing page for past and forthcoming podcasts for “I Wish I Knew…”. I ask for […]

Goal oriented…

I know that being ‘goal oriented’ has become a catch phrase.  I don’t think I need to press that point for you.  As I write, I am reflecting on a post by @disruptEDtv about an interview with Jay Billy where the post describes his out-of-the-box interviewing strategies for new teacher hires.  I don’t think I’ve […]

Intentional Teaching

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the intentionality that should be teaching.  For example, how many of us (I’ll jump in here just so I don’t point fingers…) tell our students that they should ‘compare these two (……) and tell how they’re different.” Ok. Well, my hair just caught fire. The word […]

The Future of Assessment

I think assessment design is a critical element in producing valid data for my students’ learning.

The Mafost Monthly Blog

Katie White discusses the future of assessment.by Katie White

Katie White is Coordinator of Learning for the North East School Division in Saskatchewan, Canada and an Assessment Associate for Solution Tree. Preview her book, Softening the Edges: Assessment Practice that Honor K-12 Teachers and Learners and follow her on Twitter @KatieWhite426.

The older I get, the more radical about assessment I seem to become. In my earlier years in education, I used to imagine new ways to compute grades and weight assignments—I prided myself on refining the mathematics of assessment.

Later, I began to think about assessment in terms of differentiating between formative and summative assessment and separating behavior from academic scores—I spent time refining my understanding of assessment in relation to grading.

“The future of assessment rests in the hands of those who can advocate for its proper and authentic use.”

These days, I am thinking about assessment as a way to serve…

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Do You Know The People You Lead?

This piece exemplifies one face of leadership that is easily overlooked. Let me know if you agree.

Lead Today

One of the more critical responsibilities of leadership is making sure you have the right people in the right positions. Leaders who don?t understand this fail, and they take their people right into the pit of failure with them.

You can have one of the most talented people in the world on your team but if you don?t put them in a position to succeed then their chance at success goes way way down.

Albert Einstein said that ?Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it?s ability to climb a tree, it will spend it?s whole life believing that it is stupid.? So it is with people too!

You may not see all of your people as geniuses but each of them indeed has their own set of strengths and as a leader it is incumbent upon you to make certain that those strengths are put…

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An Amazing Lesson…

As an In-class resource teacher, I have the distinct privilege of entering the world of many teachers, whether they like it or not.  During the time I spend with my co-teachers, I am privy to the everyday behaviors that evaluators and administrators rarely, if ever, see. On Monday, just yesterday though it feels like many […]