Hello to all of you patient followers! I have recently been in contact with a previous collaborator and have discovered that my 30-some-odd podcasts need to be moved and rebranded.  And so I will use this venue as the new landing page for past and forthcoming podcasts for “I Wish I Knew…”. I ask for […]

Goal oriented…

I know that being ‘goal oriented’ has become a catch phrase.  I don’t think I need to press that point for you.  As I write, I am reflecting on a post by @disruptEDtv about an interview with Jay Billy where the post describes his out-of-the-box interviewing strategies for new teacher hires.  I don’t think I’ve […]

Intentional Teaching

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the intentionality that should be teaching.  For example, how many of us (I’ll jump in here just so I don’t point fingers…) tell our students that they should ‘compare these two (……) and tell how they’re different.” Ok. Well, my hair just caught fire. The word […]

An Amazing Lesson…

As an In-class resource teacher, I have the distinct privilege of entering the world of many teachers, whether they like it or not.  During the time I spend with my co-teachers, I am privy to the everyday behaviors that evaluators and administrators rarely, if ever, see. On Monday, just yesterday though it feels like many […]

Chain of Command

I’m writing this to all of you as a sort of reflection on a challenge and solution I’ve recently been reminded to use. As you may know, I lead an organization that delivers professional development.   Teachers and administrators  gather to share and learn all sorts of things from classroom management ideas to the latest and […]