Goal oriented…

I know that being ‘goal oriented’ has become a catch phrase.  I don’t think I need to press that point for you.  As I write, I am reflecting on a post by @disruptEDtv about an interview with Jay Billy where the post describes his out-of-the-box interviewing strategies for new teacher hires.  I don’t think I’ve […]

Intentional Teaching

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the intentionality that should be teaching.  For example, how many of us (I’ll jump in here just so I don’t point fingers…) tell our students that they should ‘compare these two (……) and tell how they’re different.” Ok. Well, my hair just caught fire. The word […]

An Amazing Lesson…

As an In-class resource teacher, I have the distinct privilege of entering the world of many teachers, whether they like it or not.  During the time I spend with my co-teachers, I am privy to the everyday behaviors that evaluators and administrators rarely, if ever, see. On Monday, just yesterday though it feels like many […]

Chain of Command

I’m writing this to all of you as a sort of reflection on a challenge and solution I’ve recently been reminded to use. As you may know, I lead an organization that delivers professional development.   Teachers and administrators  gather to share and learn all sorts of things from classroom management ideas to the latest and […]

Life: The Twists and Turns That Flavor Our Leadership

Let me get this out there:  this week my beautiful, 35 year-old daughter, Casey, has had a preliminary diagnosis of muscular dystrophy. You may have just gasped.  You intrinsically understand the gravity of the situation, imagining yourself in my shoes facing the prospect of having my daughter, my vivacious, comical, sarcastically-optimistic-in all-situations daughter facing a […]